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Lavender Sage  not to be confused with the floral lavender  lavender sage is known as Salva Leucophylla or purple sage!!!


It’s named for its clusters of purple flowers—the leaves are rounded, green, and fuzzy like Common Sage.


Here are some spiritual and metaphysical properties of purple sage. 


1. Purification: Purple sage is believed to have cleansing properties, both physically and energetically. Burning sage, including purple sage, in a ritual known as smudging is thought to clear negative energies from a space or person.


2. Spiritual Protection: It is said to create a protective barrier against negative influences, promoting a sense of safety and security.


3. Wisdom and Intuition: Purple sage is sometimes associated with enhancing intuition and inner wisdom, aiding in spiritual insight and clarity.


4. Healing: Some believe that the aroma of purple sage has healing properties, promoting emotional balance, relaxation, and overall well-being.


5. Connection to Spirituality: The color purple is often associated with spirituality and higher consciousness. Purple sage, therefore, may help deepen one's connection to the divine or spiritual realm.


6. Transformation: Like its vibrant color, purple sage is thought to symbolize transformation and growth, encouraging individuals to embrace change and evolve spiritually.


7. Promotes relaxation! 


lavender 10 inch bundle

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