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The Green Witch Academy 

The Herbal Healing Modality

The Green Witch is the Medicine woman/man. The Green witch is the Shaman. The Green Witch is the healer. The Green Witch isn't defined by where they live or what they do to bring a paycheck home. The Green Witch isn't limited to working with plants, trees and herbs. The Green Witch is defined by their relationship to the world around them, by their ethics, and by their connection with the natural world.


The practice of green witchcraft is a nature based expression of spirituality. Witchcraft itself is a practice that involves using the natural energies, acknowledges a God or higher power. Sometimes even God's and Goddesses.

"The Green Witch Academy" a comprehensive program, where the green witch in you is activated! 

In this program you will begin by being taken on a meditative journey where you will get to meet your Inner Green Witch and your Gatekeeper so that they can assist you when your crafting medicines.  You will learn about the 11 archetypes of the green witch. Step by step, I'll guide you to awaken your inner green witch, sharing sacred prayers for working with herbs and crystals, and teaching you the tools of crafting your own medicine. At the end of this program, you'll receive a sacred attunement to activate your green witch healer within.  This is a self-paced program with a downloadable workbook, packed with class materials and insider tips, ensuring clarity every step of the way. Upon completion, earn your certification and gain free access to our Enchanted Essence Membership for additional support and resources for 30 days. As a bonus, experience a meditation infused with Archangel Metatron's healing energy, Every six weeks, join a private class for personalized guidance or to heal any inner green witch wounds you may have. For the first time, both of our level 1 and 2 or the Green witch program are combined to give you an ultimate transformation, never before experienced! 

Bonus: if you want to create a business I'am gifting you a "launching herbal biz guide" you will learn tips and tricks when it comes to building a legacy with your medicine creations!!! 


Instead of 666 , now only $397 


Are you  ready to step into confidence, connect with earth's medicine, and activate your inner divinity? 

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