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Blue Sage Is Back!!!

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Blue Sage Is Back!!!

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Rose of Jericho

Rose of Jericho is also known as “The resurrection Plant” Due to it appearing completely dried but will flourish to a beautiful green botanica

magical properties: great to welcome in abundance, and removing and negative influences. Great for love and prosperity spells! Place near the entrance of your home to remove any negative influences while welcoming love, and prosperity! Brings in peace, and harmony. You can use the water to sprinkle on you and cleanse your aura, cleanse your floors and doorway and can be used for anointing candles.

how to use: use cold, warm or hot water (normally hot water can kill plants) set the intention of what you would like the plant to bring you and what you would like it to remove. Allow the roots to sit in the water. Can take hours and days for it fully open up and become green. Add to your altars, and place a water safe crystal in or around it, add anything you want to the bowl with your plant in it. (I’ll share pictures of mine soon)

once the water gets dirty please change the water. You can change the water daily or weekly, it’s all up to you. Once you are done with this beautiful plant, you can remove from the water and allow it to dry. The Rose of Jericho will dry and turn into a ball again.

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Palo Santo

Palo Santo is also known as Holy Wood. 

Palo Santo provides energetic protection, while removing negative energy. Due to Palo Santo's sweet aroma, it can help uplift your spirit and your homes vibration. 

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Free Shipping!

Dragons Blood​

Perfect for purifying a space, adding potency to castings, and other applications.

Handmade with California white sage and real dragon's blood resin.

Dragon's blood is actually a fragrant resin of old-growth, old-world trees from India and Sumatra. Its natural red pigment and distinct earthy fragrance have made it sought-after by incense makers, perfumers, and traditional dye-makers since time immemorial, and many preserved first-hand accounts and records indicate it was substantially traded along the Silk Road during antiquity.

Free Shipping!

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