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Purple Stars
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What To Expect In A Session:

  • 45-60 minute call via zoom

  • Healing of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and celestial bodies

  • Feelings of freedom and release

  • Removal of barriers

  • Soul Connection

  • Awareness, Alignment and Awakening

  • Reconnection to Source Energy

  • Balancing & Clearing of Chakras

  • Card Reading

  • Copy of recording and notes from the session

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Purple Stars

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Now: $69.00

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Purple Stars

What is Metatronia Healing? 

Metatronia healing is a unique, powerful energetic healing modality that focuses on connecting others with healing energy of arch angel Metatron.

Designed to work on a deeper cellular level, providing profound healing and transformation.

During the session clients may have vairous experiences. Examples, sacred geometry, comforted by divine love, feeling metatrons wing, symbolizing divine protection and guidance.

This is a high vibrational form of energy healing that works on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. bringing balance, healing and alignment wherever needed. It also works with your light body, merkabah.

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