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Chakras & The Angels

Level up your spiritual journey with our Self-paced Chakras & Angels class!

Discover the power of the 7 main Chakras and their associated Arch Angels. Learn how to incorporate their energies into your chakra healing journey for ultimate balance and harmony. Gain access to your personal website with a comprehensive workbook and enjoy the flexibility to watch classes at your own pace whenever you're ready!

But that's not it! sign up now and receive a FREE Metatronia Healing Attunement. With this attunement you will receive downloads from Arch Angel Metatron on a DNA level! With this attunement you can offer it to your clients or use it as a new tool. (Workbook will be emailed to you) 

Chakras & The Angels course will being late August or early September. You will receive an email. 

I can't contain my excitement to share this transformative experience with you! Let's embark on this magical journey together. See you in class! 

$111.00 Paid in full

66.66 Bi-Weekly Plan (2)

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