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 Acceptance Herbal Healing Tea  


As we begin our healing journey, it becomes hard for us to truly “accept” who we are while embracing our story. This tea was handcrafted with 5 healing herbs. The blend was created with the intention for you to feel loved, comfort & acceptance as you begin your healing journey. Crystals were placed around the tea blend so that the vibration of love and grounding can surround you as you sip on this special blend. 


The taste is smooth and is gentle to the healing heart.


The aroma is that which reminds me of running through a field of chamomile and roses yet so grounding. 


I personally have been drinking the tea once a day when I am doing some deep healing work or need to feel “accepted & comforted with love”  


Do you feel it’s energy?

 finally back in stock  


“Today, own your healing with your own inner magic!” -Mari 



The tea blend includes 5 herbs/spices which are each designed or a certain healing property for what you may need now. 


 rose: protection, love, heart healing 

 yerba buena(mint): healing, money, protection 

 chamomile: love, healing, anti anxiety, prosperity, cleansing 

 bay leaf: protection, prosperity, manifestation 

️ star anise: protection, love and healing! 

Acceptance Tea Blend 2oz

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