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The Gatekeepers Collection

The Gatekeepers Collection was inspired by our number 1 seller, The Gatekeepers Sacred Spray. The spray was released in 2021 and inspired by my Gatekeeper, my abuela(grandma). My Abuela transitioned to the other sides weeks before my wedding, 7 years ago. One day during meditation I was able to connect to her energy and I was guided to create this powerful spray. As the years passed by, I have been guided to create a full Gatekeepers Collection! May you enjoy the beautiful, loving, protective energy from my dearest Gatekeeper, Abuela. 


Gatekeepers Sacred Spray

This Spray can be used to bring you inner calmness, love, protection while allowing your spirit guide, God, Creator or source to come to you and bring internal peace. This spray takes 5 days to create and is made with the Moons energy.  

Scent: citrus musk yet powerful

$18.18 (plus tax and shipping)

Gatekeepers Oil Blend

This oil can be used to bring you calmness, love and connection. This oil is very grounding. This oil is made with the energy of the sun and sits in herbs and oils for 30 days. 

Scent: Sweet and mild 

$22.22 (plus tax and shipping)

Gatekeepers Blessed Pillar Candle

These candles are handcrafted during the New Moon cycles. Made with Soy wax and Beeswax. These pillar candles have three layers of magic in them. Each layer will expose florals, and herbs. One layer will expose and reveal a beautiful crystal for you to keep! These are unscented, but don't let that fool you.  Candles are made with mica powder to give color and shimmer. 

Gatekeepers Protection Spray

This spray can be used as a room or body spray and is made with the energy of Gaia. The spray takes 5 days to create and is alcohol based with a powerful, uplifting and grounding energy. Provides protection while cleansing and clearing your energetic field.

Scent: Musk and grounding 

$18.18 (plus tax and shipping)

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