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As we approach the threshold of a new year, I'm delighted to offer you a personalized journey into the energies and possibilities that await you in the coming months. Our Year Ahead Tarot Reading is designed not only to provide insights into the various aspects of your life but also to empower you to embrace the opportunities and navigate the challenges that may arise.


 Your Year Ahead Tarot Reading: we'll explore the cards that have chosen to be your guides for the upcoming year. Together, we'll unravel the symbolism and messages they hold, shedding light on the themes, lessons, and potential milestones that may manifest in your life. This reading is a collaborative experience, and I encourage you to bring any specific questions or areas of focus you'd like to explore.


 New Year Ritual: To enhance the energy of this reading and set positive intentions for the coming year, I invite you to participate in a New Year Ritual. This ritual is a sacred moment for reflection, gratitude, and manifestation. RItual will also be sent via messenger or email along with your year ahead reading

year ahead reading and ritual

$132.00 Regular Price
$66.00Sale Price
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