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Embrace the enchantment of herbs, crystals, and sage with our curated subscription boxes that bring positive energy to your doorstep every month.


Purchase a Full Year of 2024 Subscriptions and Receive 2 FREE Boxes!

 Imagine a year filled with surprises, mystical discoveries, and positive vibes. When you commit to a full year of our subscription box service, we're gifting you additional boxes absolutely FREE! 


Here's How It Works:
1. Purchase the 2024 year of monthly boxes!
2. Experience the joy of unboxing, not just for a month, but for a whole  year! 

3. Or make it a memorable gift for loved ones! 


What's Inside Each Box:
- A carefully curated selection of premium herbs or unique oil and room spray blends. 
- Beautifully energized crystals for your collection
- High-quality sage bundles for cleansing rituals
- Exclusive surprises and mystical goodies


Why Choose Our Subscription Box?
- Handpicked items for spiritual and holistic well-being

-Exclusive handcrafted items
- Monthly doses of positive energy delivered to your doorstep
- Perfect for seasoned practitioners and those new to the magical world


Terms and Conditions:
- Offer valid for a limited time only.
- Pay in full for the 2024 subscription to unlock this exclusive deal.


Join Us in the Journey of Self-Discovery and Magic!

Ready to infuse your life with the power of nature's wonders? Don't miss out on this extraordinary deal. Get on 2024's list now and let the magic unfold!


Unlocking a year of Magick

$320.64 Regular Price
$272.54Sale Price
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