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Immerse yourself in the profound teachings of harnessing the moon's energy to amplify the power of herbs and tools in your healing practice. Our membership is your gateway to a world of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and magical empowerment.


Membership Perks:

  •  Free Weekly Herb and Crystal Readings: Receive insights and guidance to navigate your spiritual path.
  •  Exclusive Discounts on Products and Services: Enjoy special savings on handpicked items and services.
  •  Two Monthly Calls: Connect with our community during the potent New Moon and Full Moon phases. Share experiences, ask questions, and amplify your intentions.
  •  Quarterly Kits: Receive curated kits with tools tailored to the month's teachings. Everything you need for your magical journey delivered to your door.
  •  Herb Spotlight: Delve deep into the properties and uses of a specific herb each month. Learn how to incorporate it into your practice and create healing magick.


 Terms and Conditions:

  • Offer valid until 12/20/23
  • Use code SAGVIBES23 at checkout.

Don't miss your chance to join our community of witches, healers, shamans, medicine men and women. Embrace the power of the moon, harness the energy of herbs, and let your healing journey begin!

Enchanted Essence Membership: The magick of Healing herbs

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$66.00every month until canceled
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