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Sage Ranch 

A short story about how it all started

In August 2019, Nick and Mari found themselves in love with the beauty that surrounded them: the mountains, the breathtaking sunset, the culture, and the naturally grown blue sage surrounding them. something they had never experienced before.  It was then that The Sage Ranch was born. Today, the Blue Sage is harvested from their land on The Wild Horse Mesa in Southern Colorado. 

The Sage Ranch has expanded over the years. Today The Sage Ranch offers: ethically sources sage, crystals, essential oil blends, jewelry and so much more!  

Meet our family!

No task too large and no order too small! Mari makes it happen with grace. Whether it's an inspiring post or a positive affirmation. You can always count on Mari! 

Marivel Wheeler 

Chief Everything Officer (CEO)

From the farm to your home rest assured! If its a process, it's guaranteed that Nick has over thought it 3 or 4 times! 

Nick Wheeler 

Director of Operations 

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